I recently got the opportunity to have lunch at Saffron café courtesy of Simply Green Juices. I am so glad that a few businesses in my niche are getting more opened to the idea of working with bloggers and I am thankful that a brand like simplygreenjuices got in touch for a collaboration. If you don’t know about SimplyGreenJuices, it is an organic cold pressed juice company based in Lagos. You can read my review here. They supply to all the major cities in the country including Abuja and their juices can be purchased at EatToLiveLifestyle, the health shop in wuse 2 and at Saffron Café on Number 43 Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja.


Saffron Café is part of House 43 LTD , which is an upscale dining and chilling spot with a bar, a café , alounge and a restaurant.


Unlike your average food businesses that are actively revealing whatsapp screenshots of clients’ feedbacks on social media, House 43 is one of the few exceptions. They opened their doors four years ago and ever since cater for the “Elites” according to the café ‘s manager. The place speaks for itself; designed to a western standard with stylish indoors and outdoors sitting areas. “This is not the place one would walk in wearing their Okrika LV bag from Utako market and feel comfortable” lol. This was what ran through my mind as we parked to go in. To my surprise the judgemental stares didn’t come from the dining customers, but from the waiters. They were extremely cold. No greetings from the gentlemen who stood behind the counter as we walked in and waited by the door for about 75 seconds before someone took us to a table. Although the cafe had a few customers in, I didn’t think it was good enough to justify having to wait over 15 minutes before someone could come for our orders. Apparently, I could have used the “sing call” to get the waitress’s attention sooner. Why didn’t anybody tell me what it was and how to use it before dropping it on my table?  This is a place that caters to a small niche and know almost all their regular customers, so why aren’t staff trained to help new customers understand the way things are supposed to work in their establishment? I didn’t realise I had to ring a bell to call a servant ,… *Oops …. , I meant a waiter to attend to me. Another thing that surprised me was the payable wifi. When I asked the manager about it, his explanation was that their wifi was overly misused at the time it was free for customers hence the payable fees now.

The café’s menu alone was overwhelmingly extensive with an impressive variety of dishes available.



We ordered the Trio mignon, which was three pieces of boneless oven cooked beef server on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and spinach with some sort of peppercorn/hollandaise sauce. The meal was heavenly.



The combinations worked perfectly together though i wish there was a more sauce, the meat was tender, the presentation was well executed and the portion was enough to eat and take some home which I did :D. For dessert we had hot chocolate with carrot and cinnamon muffin. Again, the hot chocolate was the best I have tasted in Abuja.


The wait was about 15minutes between ordering and getting served.

Overall, the food was a 5/5 in taste, flavour, portion and presentation. Their prices were definitely on the high side and I didn’t think the café was suitable for families with crazy super active toddlers. The venue has a great atmosphere for business meetings. It is also ideal for lunch between friends or work colleagues from the offices nearby. Customer service was poor in my opinion. I felt that the waiters didn’t interact much with customers but thinking of it from another angle, it could be that the customers in their niche are not the types to chit chat with staff hence their preferences to “sing call” waiters when needed. I was happy with their diverse dishes and I look forward to trying out more from their menu. That would have to be once in a while if I want to afford reviewing other places.


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  1. Waka girl says:

    I was imagining paying 4K for a salad served with terrible attitude… I’ve always wanted to visit here now I’m thinking twice. Lovely review Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you! I would say give a try. I would love it if you could share your experience there too. 😊


    2. Hahaha ! welcome to Abuja 🙂 Thanks for reading lovely.


  2. A. JoAnn says:

    Great review. Fair and informative


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