“Le Petit / Grand” Square


To honour the last team I supported in the World Cup finals, I was out on the hunt for a place  where I could have  an authentic Brunch à la française . I knew “ Chez Victor “ being a legit French restaurant in abuja and I had planned to dine there one day.  Shame it took me over 18 months to save enough coins for my dining experience  and before I knew the place had closed down.

Just as I was about to give up on all things French and start searching for Croatian restaurants in Abuja, I came across “Le Petit Square” .  The name which litteraly means “little square’ didn’t really grab my attention but a selection of French wine bottles used on the site I was reading convinced me to visit the place.

Located on 270 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Le Petit Square is a gastro pub /wine bar on the first floor in Grand Square ( a supermarket).

The indoor space looked clean with lovely settings but completely empty as we walked it. I asked if we could get a table outside and was told it was a smoking area though I didn’t any signs  indicating ” smoking area” on the terrace.

Once we finally settle inside , the waiters took their time before one finally came up to us with the food and of course the wine menus. At first glance , the food menu came across as a combination of pub grub meets Nigerian buffet type of food. I asked the waiter what the French dishes were on the menu for him to tell me “ actually ma, it is only our wine that is French and the place is owned by a French man”.  Wait …..what ? In denials of what the waiter had told me,  I kept flipping the menu back and forth until I finally spotted something written in French. It was a “Croque Monsieur”, which is basically two pieces of toasted bread with ham and cheese, costing almost 3000 Naira.  At this point it was only the shame of walking away without ordering that kept me seated but the fact that they expected me to order an adult meal portion for a small child, which would have turned out to be a waste of food and money, made us walk away.

As we were leaving le petit square annoyed and hungry, I couldn’t resit to the  freshly baked aromas from the main supermarket ( Grand Square). I bought a baguette ,  chicken pie, meat pie , a slice of Caramel cake and chocolate forest cake. All of that with two  generous scoops of  salted caramel and yogurt ice -creams for just about 3,100 Naira.


The meat and chicken pies were the best I have had in a long time.   From the nicely layered, soft and fluffy pastries to the delicious meaty fillings. I still believe Figaro Pizza ‘s ice-cream is the best I have had so far but Grand Square has some decent ice-creams at just 300 Naira a scoop.


The chocolate cake was rich, tasted and cost lesser than most of the ones I have had in some fancy cake shops in the city. The brown sugar on the caramel cake must have been over done as it had a slight bitterness to it.  Yet the texture and consistency were well executed.


I plan to try out their tiramisu and more of their pastries and I will definitely recommend you give Grand Square’ s pastries and bakeries a try. Let me know your thoughts either in the comment section or on my instagram page @wheretoeatabuja

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  1. Nasuko says:

    Yummy 😛

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share on your social media.:)

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  2. I don’t live in Abuja but I am already loving this blog.
    I also think you should make your subscribe button available. I could not find it.
    If you like my blog, please follow too. Thanks

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    1. Thank you Dinma. The purpose of this blog. is for people who have newly relocated , live or plan to visit Abuja and so on . Hopefully you will know where to look or even recommend the blog to someone visiting the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Thank you for recommending the subscribe button. I am definitely going to work on that. In the mean time , feel free to follow my instagram page if you don’t want to miss out on new posts. God bless!

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