La Cantina

The World cup fever has revived my love for Mexico. The country that gave us mojitos, tacos and Del Toro was one of my favourite teams at this year’s world cup with the way they punched above their weight and defeated Germany. Órale!!

In the mood of all things Mexican, I decided to visit the restaurant La Cantina located in Maitama which I have been told offered Mexican style cuisine.


The decor and whole vibe of the place was simply beautiful. The cedar wood engraved signage that welcomes you to the restaurant immediately sets the mood. The all white interior and furniture, the classic red and white picnic table clothes, the burst of fragrance from the lavender plants all add to quite simply a sumptuous experience.



I couldn’t wait to seat and tuck into the food they would offer after putting so much thought into the decor. The staff were extra courteous and very patient
as one of our entourage kept causing a ruckus (seriously, toddlers have a different energy source I
tell you).

Their menu had a enough varieties of sandwiches, enchiladas, tacos and salads to pick from, however it wasn’t screaming Mexico as I had expected. No Guacamole, sangria, no fancy wide brimmed hats in sight either. Qué lastima!


Their prices were really good which was a relief. We ordered a grilled steak sandwich and some prawn skewers and chips which were all
delivered in good time. The chips were chunky and tasty. The prawns were flavoursome and well cooked but I felt a bit let down with the way my food was presented. The pawns and the fries both blended into one another leaving the plate looking liveless.



My highlight will definitely have to be the ginger beer and pineapple drink and the complimentary bread rolls served with butter which I felt wasn’t in tune with Mexican dining but my oh my were the warm rolls with butter were delightful.



I would say our meal was filling and tasty. The herbs and spices were done in right proportions without overwhelming the taste buds but I felt that the presentation ( especially on my plate) could have been better.
I would definitely recommend La Cantina for the ambience and hospitality of the staff. The food, even if it wasn’t Mexican dining as I expected, was very tasty.
I would definitely be visiting a again.

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  1. Nasuko says:

    Looks like Yummy!!:P

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    1. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot !

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