It’s been a hot minute since I have been craving a pizza and ice-cream place that offers a relaxed eat-in experience cue Figarro’s Pizza!

Located at the ruby centre 762 amino kano crescent in wuse 2, the restaurant offers a unique Laissez-faire interior décor that instantly makes you feel both welcome and at home. From the high stools for the young ones at the door, the multiple charging points for electronic devices (sockets and USB ports!) and free wifi. A lot of thought had clearly gone into making customers feel comfortable to dine-in and get things done. Did i mention that the air conditioning works 100% ?



The menu is varied and detailed from sea-food pizzas, chicken, beef, to full vegetarian options and build your own pizza options. They offer various cold drinks, some premium beers and hot drinks. The desert option is literarily the cream of the crop.


We ordered a shrimp pizza and a garden salad pizza which all came along with free coca-cola drinks (Wish we could have swapped for something else).  The pizzas have options of deep-pan, original or Italian base which I feel just raises there rating a notch higher in my books. Meals arrived in less than 15 minutes. Seriously it was exactly 13 mins it took to deliver BOTH pizzas.




To discuss the actual food itself I would have to digress a little bit and talk of Figarro’s as a company. As a franchise business, it means all figarro pizzas should taste the same whether in Wyoming, Windhoek or Wuse 2. To achieve this, the base and sauces are distributed globally to all franchise owners while toppings are sourced locally. This gave me a source for concern as the soul of food I believe is usually lost in complex global big business logistics. Figarro’s though managed to prove me wrong. With the company’s aim to create global business with a local feel, the sauces and pizzas are created almost like a default template where you can fine tune to suit your taste buds. You need more heat ? ask for chillies, more zing? Extra olives , cheese, meat or softer mushrooms? Whatever the taste you need to build into your plate they got you. Their sauces are MSG free which means in plain term no Maggi! Oh nahhh to the good old maggi 😁.
The Ice-cream was just luxuriously lush, so creamy and dairy. To do It justice would require a whole separate review.

Customer service was superb and the owner of the business is very passionate about gastronomy and always present to nurture his business. The only drawback to my experience here was the limited choice of soft drinks and the prices might be a bit on the high side but nowadays what isn’t ?
The good news is that you can now take advantage of their SUPER DEAL for the April special to try Figaro’s Pizza for as little as 1,900 Naira. This offer is available for the month of April and I hope they can introduce something in the likes of “TGIF Specials” for me to binge on figaro pizza and Ice-creams on friday evenings.


They offer delivery within Abuja and you can place your order online or over the phone. I highly recommend the place if you are looking for an authentic pizza dine in experience or looking to get addicted to ice cream, Figaro’s would definitely hit all the right notes. I definitely will be going there to try their milkshakes and the hot beverages.

My overall rating for Figaro’s pizza would have to be 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 out of 5. (4/5). I will keep one mark because I fail to see the difference in the regular and the Italian crusts from the pizzas we ordered and I should have been able to have more options from the free fizzy drink that came with the pizzas instead of just coke.


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