I have had my eyes on Coco café for the longest time but I didn’t get the chance to pay them a visit until a few days ago. I happened to be in the area that day and we were all after a decent place for lunch.

Coco café is located is on Alex Ekwueme way, number 15. Jabi, Abuja. It is right at the top of the building, giving you the privilege to admire the gorgeous view of jabi lake park. It is a bistro that serves continental food and a variety of beverages, ( alcoholic and non alcoholic) and shisha.


My first impression as i got to the venue was ” Ok, it is right up there but how do i get there ?” There were no signs to indicate that we had to use the lift or how to get to the lift. Nigeria being what it is with power cuts happening ever so often, I wouldn’t just rely on lifts to get from point A to B. It would be wiser to have an alternative for those of us who would much rather use the good old stairs to go up and down. Unless there is one that I fail to see.

Once we finally reached the café. I was so overwhelmed by the place. It is so green, contemporary and arty. The beautiful setting and the amazing view will have to be one of the best selling points for Coco café.


After taking all the beauty of the place in and finally sat down to order, we got given one small tab which served as the menu. That unfortunately did not impress me. There were three of us and we each had to take turns to look through the “electronic” menu before ordering. Being my first time there, the whole tab ordering thing was just so confusing and it took up so much of our time.

The staff were approachable and helpful. They had high chairs and free Wi-Fi which is always good for a chilling spot.
After about half an hour our food arrived and gosh it looked amazing. The presentation and the portions couldn’t be faulted. This will probably be the first time I had eaten salad for lunch and was still full at diner time.

As beautiful as everything looked, I would have hoped for the taste to blow my mind but it was just OK. I enjoyed my salad, the burger was the best out of everything we ordered. The shawarma for what it cost could have been better, the chicken wings just tasted of hot scotch bunnets and the rice had a strong spice that overpowered other flavours in the dish.

For what coco café is charging on their menu, which is fairly on the high side, the portions are excellent but there is still work to do in the flavouring aspect, especially if they are catering for the nigerian’ s and other african’s taste palettes.

They offer takeaways and delivery services which can be done on their website or over the phone. More details on that at Here again the takeaway bag was not what I expected.


Overall, the experience I had at coco café left me on a fifty fifty bench mark. Things were either really great or really poor.

I do plan to visit them again at some point and I might have to do an updated blogspot on that. My expectations for the next visit will be to see more signs that indicate access to the café from the parking lot, some conventional menu options to avoid confusions and delays in ordering and last but not least some improved taste in the food.

I enjoyed the service and the atmosphere and i would recommend it to those who are after a cool chilling, drinking and shisha spot with gorgeous views in a quiet area of Abuja.

If you have been there and have some feedbacks, feel free to leave them in the comments. Also follow my Instagram page @wheretoeatabuja

Take care now,




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  1. Lan says:

    What a great place with yummmm foods! Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is a great place. How I wish the food tasted as good as it looked. 😦


  2. reocochran says:

    I often write about local cafes, enjoy coffee or tea and baked goods. Thank you for this great post! Smiles, Robin


    1. Thank you Robin ! I am glad you stopped by. I can’t wait to check out your café reviews. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  3. Miss Dinie says:

    So it looks like this place disappointed you then? Maybe try again but another meal choice than the chicken wings. Try their beef or lamb.


    1. The Place was lovely. The food not so much from what we ordered , except their burger. I do plan to pay them another visit for sure. Many thanks for your suggestions and for stopping by.


      1. Miss Dinie says:

        Cool. Look forward to seeing more posts from you!


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