One of my goals for 2018 is to have a healthier lifestyle. Be it through exercises, eating or drinking healthy. As you can tell from my instagram feed healthy eating is a habit that I have adopted for a while now by making healthy meals at home. However, it is sometimes hard to find a place to eat right when I am out and about or find the time to prep all the fruit and vegetables for making a healthy, hydrating and energy boosting drink in the morning when I am in a rush. Luckily a few local businesses are making it possible for clean eaters or “part time” clean eaters ( like myself 😁), to maintain our healthy choices.


Simply Green Limited is Nigeria’s only farm to bottle cold pressed juice and vegetable company. The company believes in : “Increasing the availability and the accessibility to fresh organic produce to every person living in Nigeria. We provide cold pressed juices and vegetables of the highest quality at affordable prices.” I tried Simply Green juices for the first time back in 2016 and been a fan ever since. Their head office is in Lagos but they supply on a weekly basis to a number of eateries in Abuja like Uncle D’s Restaurant and Eat to Live Lifestyle.

Simply Green juices are indeed fresh and organic. This comes across in the raw flavour of the ingredients used in each juice bottle. It is best to have it cold for more refreshing taste that will keep your body rejuvenated, healthy and strong.


What I love about their cold pressed juices are the fact that they are packed with healthy nutrients and they are perfect energy boosters. I received mine in 5 flavours, namely in:

1 – Pick Me Up ( orange, carrot, pineapple, apple, ginger and lime).

2 – Funky Beet ( beetroot, apple, orange, celery and carrot).


3 – Get Naked ( kale, pineapple, cucumber, sweet basil, apple, lemon and spinach)


4 – Cleanse Intense ( kale, pumpkin leaf, lettuce, cucumber, apple, pear and celery).

5 – Refresh ( watermelon, honeydew, mint and cantaloupe).


By the way don’t you just love the names, especially Pick Me Up and Funky Beet ? For me, anything that has pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon, lime watermelon, cucumber or carrot is right up my street. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to choose my top three to recommend. I would have to say though that Funky beet is the one I end up choosing most of the time since the colour is more appealing to my toddler. I also enjoy Pick Me Up and Get Naked. I find Cleanse Intense to be for the weeks i have had too much junk food, it helps reduce the bloated tummy.
This time around I tried Refresh for the first time and it turns out to be ok. It had more of an infused water flavour to it; I couldn’t really get the sweetness of the watermelon or cantaloupe and the mint leaves swimming in the bottle were not a good look.

The juices are nicely packaged and labelled in 500ml bottles which are sold at the rate of 1000 Naira each. Some might argue that it is expensive but for me the price is reasonable considering it is cold pressed and a lot of the ingredients must be used to fill up a bottle.


They also grow a variety of vegetables and herbs which include curly kale, black kale, black cherry tomatoes, yellow chilli pepper, rokects salad mix, parsley, mint, greek oregano, sage and basil.


One thing I will give to both this business and the last one I reviewed is their professionalism and great knowledge of their brands. It shows that they are investing well in providing quality training for their staff which translates to great customer service.

You can find them on instagram @simplygreenjuices or visit their website to order yourself a few bottles of goodness and read more on the health benefits of their juices.

I wouldn’t rate this particular brand, not that I was unhappy with their products. On the contrary, It is a brand that i have supported for quite some times before deciding to write a review on it. I would love to see and write about more local businesses that promote and provide a standard and healthy lifestyle in the food and drink industry. Our body is a temple and therefore should be treated kindly.

Have you tried Simply Green juices ? Let me know what your favourite one is. Also follow my Instagram page @wheretoeatabuja

Take care now,




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  1. Lan says:

    The Refresh is my pick, it’s inviting, moreover I love watermelon juice…healthy and yum juice I say.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Green juices are incredible.. i want you to try mouth watering apple juice brands that will just make you want some more! Try these juicing recipes today that lifts your mood instantly! You can check this I’m sure you will love it :


    1. Thanks for sharing


    2. Funny enough Chivita is a juice brand we also use in our household and my son loves it. Thank s for stopping by !


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