Happy new year foodies!

I hope 2018 started positively for every single one of you. It is time to look forward to the good times, the challenges we will overcome and the exciting opportunities we get to be part of in the next 12 months. Speaking of opportunities, why don’t I share with you my experience at SINONI ?

SINONI which translates as, (CHINA-NIGERIA) meaning China in Nigeria, is a Chinese restaurant located at zeto court, 3 oshogbo close, off emeka anyaoku street, area 11 Garki, Abuja. The establishment has been around for over a decade now and caters authentic chinese cuisine with menus tailored to the Chinese, the Western and the Nigerian taste palette.

The things that struck me the most were the atmosphere, the indoor setting,  the service and of course the food. Staff were approcheable, friendly and helpful. The restaurant is set in a combination of vibrant and dark colours, giving you a sense of intimacy and the feeling of being in China as soon as you step in the building. Another thing that resonated with the authenticity of the chinese culture were the private rooms. There are seven (7) private dining rooms designed and decorated in a traditional way, two of which are more modern and they can host groups from 4 to 20 people.

I found the service smooth and efficient. We started our dining experience in the main dining with some green tea and prawn crackles and upon request we swiftly moved into one of the private rooms for the main meal.


Our food came in a few dishes, served in small portions to try and believe me when I say this was the very first time I had the best “Instagram foodgasm flatlay goals”. In other words, the table setting and the presentation of the food were by far the best I have seen in Abuja. My phone’s camera may not have done the pictures justice but best believe everything was beautifully presented but the portions could have been a bit more for two people. We had eggplant stir-fry, vegetable dumplings, steak, tofu and vegetables sauté for the main and sweet pumpkin coated with sesame seeds for dessert. As adventurous as I wanted to be, the tofu dish didn’t go don’t too well for me but everything else tasted great, especially the braise steak and the eggplant stir-fry.

Sinoni offers the complete chinese dining experience from the way of service to the variety of food and beverages you get. You can take advantage of their standard daily lunch special from 12 to 2pm which includes a starter, main and a chapman cocktail for 2,500 Naira. If you are after the full experience then I would suggest you go for their regular menu which is a bit on the higher end in prices, unless you are dining in groups and split the bill.

Buffet plates are also available upon request for private parties and events. You can make your reservations or order for a home delivery service on their website too which is

My Overall rate for Sinoni Restaurant would have to be 8,5/10 and I highly recommend the place. The entire experience exceeded my expectations, the menu was easy to follow, great atmosphere, service and food but I felt the portions could improve a bit more for two people.

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  1. Excellent dishes. My favourites especially the eggplant. Love it!! Did you drink the Moutai??? Awful stuff. Had to endure that and the cheaper baijiu for three years whilst working in China. Wow tastes so bad but I know Moutai is so much better than the cheaper stuff.

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    1. The eggplants were mine too. I didn’t try the Moutai lol. We were told it was an expensive drink that is often used at big ceremonial events in China. Hence why I took the picture 😊

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      1. Yes it’s an expensive drop. That bottle is about $250 AUD. Still awful though. Ha ha.

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