Fandra’s Chin Chin

Hello foodilics,

First of all, I know I have been gone for a minute which exactly why I couldn’t let the year end without wishing you all a wonderful Christmas holiday and la creme de la creme for 2018!

End of year is a time for us to reflect, set new goals for the coming year but, most importantly it’s time for CELEBRATION!!!🎉 And what better way to celebrate than with the people who appreciate, love, support, care for or inspire YOU. Now, you will all agree that when it comes to celebrating an event, the best way to impress your guests is by catering to everybody’s taste. That is also the concept behind Fandra’s Chin Chin.


Fandra’s Homemade Chin Chin Abuja or @fandraschinchin, as you will find on instagram, is a home based business that started out as a hobby.
” I would make chinchins for home consumption and my husband took it to work one day. His colleagues enjoyed them every single time and would be asking for more. That is how we started!”, she said.

They currently make chinchins in 14 different flavours and wait for it, they are aiming at 50 flavours to be delivered worldwide in the nearest future.

Fandra’s Chin Chin caters for everybody and to everyone’s taste. They have:

* Regular flavours which come in ( vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and spicy pepper).

* Special flavours which are ( coffee, orange, coconut, rum(18+), chocolate, suya/yaji, mixed fruit, real butter and honey drizzel vanilla).

* Fitfam flavours which is:
( baked banana flour chichin.)

Prices go from as little as 300 Naira to 8,000 Naira depending on the size bowl you go for.


I got the smallest size bowls in ginger, honey drizzle vanilla, coconut and orange to try out. I also invited a couple of my family members round for tea and asked their thoughts on the chinchins.
They all tasted really good but based on the texture and flavouring , honey drizzled vanilla was everyone’s favourite followed joint second by orange and coconut and finally came ginger. The ginger chinchin was a bit hard in texture, therefore making crunchy noise when chewing and i didn’t really get the gingery kick in the taste as i did with the other three.


The packaging were nicely labeled with each flavour included. The cute added ribbon went well with the festive theme.


I like how friendly the owners were and how professional the service went. I would be ordering more from their long list of varities for sure and I do recommend you try it for yourself. There is something to everyone’s taste and it is very affordable.

My Overall rate for Fandra’s Chin Chin would be 7/10 based on the quality of their product, the large variety of choices and the fantastic customer service.

Share your experience in the comment section if you have had Fandra’s Chin Chin. Also follow the blog and my Instagram page @wheretoeatabuja

Take care now,




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  1. Yummy! Excellent blog. Keep up the delicious work.

    I write. I would love your feedback on my blog do check it out

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    1. I appreciate your lovely comment. Will sure check your blog out. Thanks

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