Hey foodilics,

Quite some times it’s been. I hope you are all well. I promise to do my best not to be away this long again. ( pinky promise 😊).

I am back yet with another N’koyo ‘s review. What can I say, I always feel at home every time I go there. If you follow me on intagram @wheretoeatabuja, you would have known by now that this is my favourite restaurant in Abuja so far. I decided to share this post because I order something different from the menu this time around and I also had,(for the first time), a Bengali type of side dish delicacy called ” laccha paratha “. You may be wondering what planet i am from not to know it until now but believe me I didn’t know of it until my sisters who is visiting us from Malasya pointed it from the menu. You would find my old reviews about N’koyo on my Instagram @wheretoeatabuja.

I was back there again just a couple of days ago and I can tell you that their service did not disappointed. No matter how much i would like to find a thing or two that might be in need of improvement, i can’t fault it. However, this time around i noticed they had updated their menus. They now have two different food menus which o thought was a bit odd at first till they explained the reasons behind it.

Let me know if you have been there, if not i highly recommend the place. It is located at Ceddi plaza ( 2nd floor) on central district area.

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Take care now,


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