Vanilla Restaurant and Lounge.

My foodilics, i hope you are well.

A few days ago we were at Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge for a late lunch. It was a bit of a random choice because i had never heard or come across them on social media prior to that afternoon. As we got to the place, i struggled to believe it was actually a restaurant; ( there were no signs to indicate or identify the place). We happened to be around maitama that day and got a bit peckish. So we decided to google #wheretoeat in the area and that is how we found a link that led us to their instagram.😀
The restaurant is located at Usman Close, number 11, Maitama. Their specialties are European dishes with a bit of oriental here, a couple local rice dishes there and they have a takeaway menu too.

Once you get pass the rather deserted ambiance from the outside, the interior is elegantly designed and coordinated with neutral tones, stylish furnitures and some pop of colours on the table napkins, giving the room a cosy a extremely relaxed feel ( with no tv, yass!😊). It seemed to me like the kind of place you will go to for a meal as a couple or with a group of adults instead of families with younger children.

Their menu are well elaborated and straight forward however, i felt a bit let down not getting my first choice of drink and main course. Perhaps the waiter could have warned us about that before taking our order.

Customer service was great, we had a lovely lady attending to us. She was Very polite, attentive and helpful.

Our food took longer than expected to get served but luckily we were not in a hurry and it was worth the wait when it finally arrived ; good portions, beautifully presented, and very tasty. I had steamed sole fish with vegetable and hubby had spicy chicken noodles. Their menu had no desserts which was a shame as i would have loved to endulge myself a bit more. Instead we had to grab some waffles and ice cream elsewhere before heading home…. A story i would have to narrate in another blog post.

Aside of having no signage to indicate the restaurant ( one could think looking from outside that it is a private residence), not having my first choices from the menu and our food taking over 45 minutes between ordering and serving, i enjoyed the atmosphere, the service and most importantly my meal at Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge.
As you would expect, it is in maitama and their pricing is slightly on the high end.
My overall experience will therefore be rated at a 8/10.

I would recommend the place if you are going on a romantic dinner date because its intimacy and cosiness.

Let me know if you have been there before and what was your experience like?

Take care now,


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