Hello foodilics,

I hope you are all well.

Today i am coming to you with freshdaily. I am well aware to the fact that i am yet to write a blog review about a local restaurant or a drink spot. Not to worry, it’s on its way.

I just had to share this little gem with you first. My grandmother used to teach us to share the things we enjoy most because there will always be more rewards and fulfillment in sharing than keeping them all to ourselves and that is excatly what i felt i had to do with freshdaily. 😉

If you don’t know of them yet, freshdaily is an abuja based organic vegetable farm and garden. They grow a whole variety of vegetables, salad and herbs and among them are included kale, coriander, dill, cherry tomatoes, chinese cabbage and the list goes on. They deliver to homes, restaurants, school canteens and hotels i believe. Basically to any business where fresh vegetables are needed. They are also specialised, consult and train people into fishery and poultry too.

If you live in abuja and are looking for a place to get fresh veggies that can be haversted and delivered to you on the same day, then you should look no further as freshdaily does just that.

It is not just the amazing quality and freshness of their goods that won me over; you get a generous amount of goods in the basket at reasonable prices compared to what you get from places like the farmer’s market or the supermarkets around. Their customer service is of great standard (their deliveries are always on time) and they offer free samples to every new customer and a sample of any of their new produce to the existing customers.

I am very pleased to have discovered them as i no longer have to worry about rushing to the market for veggies under the sun or buy the ones that are worn out from the supermarkets.
I will leave a few pictures of the oders i received from them last week.

You can follow them on instagram @freshdailyng where you can get their email or contact number.

I hope you find this post useful and feel free to give me any feedbacks if you’ve tried their produce.

Take care now,


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