Happy pancake’s day

Hello guys,

I hope you are all well. This a very exciting moment for me as i finally got round to create a blog ( in addition to my instagram page), to share with you my food addiction. Now do not start throwing shades, because i carefully pick and choose my food and what i eat are mainly fresh, organic and locally grown.

Coming back to the matter. I made some pancakes the other day. It was to celebrate mardi gras. Which is usually done a day before the Christian’s lent period begins. As you can see from the pictures, my pancakes are of a very unusual look and consistency. The reason for that being because i used ripped banana instead of flour, which i then blended with betroot, ( for the pink colour) and ginger ( for extra flavour). Then i mixed everything with egg before cooking in a hot pan with a little bit of butter.

I decided to use mango for garnishing ( as i had no other fruit alternative at home). The combination was nice but too sweet for my liking. So, as i was rumaging through the fridge to see what else i could add to reduce the sweetness , i came across some habanero pepper sauce i made a couple of weeks ago for my son’s birthday party. After a quick heat in the microwave,it turned out to be the perfect combination for the pancake. The flavours worked so well, my mouth was having a party on its own so much that i only realised not to have taken a picture of the pepper sauce once everything was gone. Lol.

The preparation and cooking took less than 15 minutes.
The ingredients were: ripped banana, ginger, betroot and egg.

Also the consistency was not thick and firm because i did add water when blending everything. Ordinarily, i would suggest to just mash the banana then add eggs or if you want to use my receipe, add a bit of flour after blending all the ingredients for a thicker consistency .

I hope you will try it. It is delicious and super healthy. Also let me know if you do and how you found it.

Take care,


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  1. da-AL says:

    your site is coming along nicely 🙂


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